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The De Leo Law Firm, LLC pratices exclusively in personal and business bankruptcies. We're located in old Mandeville and have flexible appointment hours to accommodate our clients.

You only file bankruptcy ONCE in your lifetime. Don't shop around looking for the "best deal." You get what you pay for. Our firm understands financial hardships and offers individual pricing on a sliding scale. Give us a call to set up a consultation so that we can help you decide if filing for bankruptcy is right for you, and if so, which chapter is best for you and your unique situation.

Attorney Robin De Leo is the ONLY CERTIFIED CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY SPECIALIST ON THE NORTHSHORE. Certification is granted by three different entities: American Board of Certification; American Bankruptcy Institute; and the Louisiana Board of Specialization. Specialization certification requires: a minimum of 36 hrs of CLE/year, a minimum of 70% of the practice be dedicated to bankruptcy exclusively, numerous character references and the passing of a Special Written Exam. In order to maintain the certification, a recertification process must be completed and passed every 5 years. The staff also regularly completes CLE's to stay abreast of the latest bankruptcy law. Robin De Leo has been practicing bankruptcy exclusively for over 23 years.

Why do I need a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist as opposed to a regular bankruptcy attorney? - Several attorneys "dabble" in multiple types of law. For example, an attorney practicing bankruptcy law may also handle DUI’s and Divorces. But is your financial future worth the risk just for the convenience of a ‘one stop shop’ attorney. The risk of hiring these types of attorneys is that they seldom live, breathe and eat a specific law. Therefore, they may not be up to date on the latest court rulings, case law or even the appropriate exemptions to take to protect your assets. Bankruptcy law changes every now and then. It is imperative that your bankruptcy attorney be a true specialist and be well educated in the most current rulings to be able to best represent you.

A Specialization Certification evidences to your clients that you know the substantive law, as opposed to having just marginal qualifications in that field. Therefore, our clients can take comfort in the fact that they are entrusting their file and their financial situation to a well qualified, tested and proven professional. Despite the fact that we are a small firm, we are capable of completing superior work at a high level, with the personal attention that you can get only from working with a small firm. The De Leo Law Firm doesn’t only handle ‘easy, cookie cutter’ cases. Our team prides themselves on handling each file on a personal, case by case basis. Each file is assigned their personal paralegal who works closely with each client and Robin De Leo to ensure that every unique detail is addressed properly. The small firm setting allows our team to form close working relationships with our clients and guide and ease them through this difficult and trying process. Complicated cases are especially interesting to our firm as we love the opportunity to sink our teeth into challenges and be a part of instigating new law.

The personalized attention coupled with the excellent comprehension and expertise of bankruptcy law ensures our clients are best represented and advised. Some attorneys opt out of the specialization process due to the extra exams, continuing legal education requirements and the additional years of school; my position has always been – if I’m going to do it, I want to do it right and all the way. Why not invest the extra time and money to truly guarantee I am as qualified as possible to best represent my clients? Interestingly enough, the various certification exams are aimed to test individuals who actually work in that particular field. They are not exams designed to resemble a college paper or a deep theoretical study – it is the nuts and bolts of bankruptcy - in addition to odd, unique situations and how to best handle them. There comes a great sense of pride in passing these exams and I am proud to be one of only two attorneys in the Eastern District of Louisiana (New Orleans and surrounding areas), who are specialized in this field.

Embarrassment factor

It is extremely common that some people who make appointments with our office fail to appear or call to delay the appointment. We are often told that it’s the “embarrassment factor” that keeps people away. Information, however, can never be a bad thing. Being well informed as to your rights under the bankruptcy code is essential in making an educated decision as to whether bankruptcy relief could be beneficial to your particular situation. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions that could lead to an improvement in your quality of life. A consumer cannot rely on their creditor to give them a break, but instead, should take control of their own financial future. Don’t let the embarrassment factor cause you to lose another night’s sleep.

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