Due to these unprecedented circumstances with COVID-19, several clients have reached out with the concern of being out of work and therefore, being unable to make their Chapter 13 Trustee plan payment. While the Court has not issued any formal notice, we suggest that if you are experiencing financial strain, do not mail in your plan payment at this time. Hold on to the funds in case you need them for an emergency situation, such as food or medications. Once we receive a formal update from the Court, we will be sure to pass it on. Thank you and stay well!

Experienced Louisiana Bankruptcy Lawyer Helping You Find Financial Freedom

A knowledgeable attorney you can turn to when your debt burden becomes too heavy

Your financial life is like a house. A strong foundation, sturdy walls and a sound roof provide you and your family a safe place to grow. But if a strong storm blows through, your house can suffer serious damage. The De Leo Law Firm, LLC, based in Mandeville, helps people and businesses in Louisiana use the tools of bankruptcy to rebuild their financial structures. I’m attorney Robin De Leo, and I founded this firm in 1998 because I believe in helping good people through tough times. My staff and I take great pride in helping individuals and businesses in St. Tammany Parish and all of the North Shore get the fresh starts they deserve.

How I help you find lasting financial freedom

Everyone has their own financial story, and some chapters can be difficult to tell. Clients trust The De Leo Law Firm to help them for many reasons, including:

  • Focus — Debt relief and bankruptcy are all I do. From stopping harassing creditor phone calls to discharging your debt, I know how to handle every scenario.
  • Credentials — I am an American Board-Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist, one of only two in the New Orleans area. I’m also certified in consumer bankruptcy law by the Louisiana Bankruptcy Law Advisory Commission.
  • Compassion — I understand the stress that bankruptcy can have on your life. That’s why I always take time to listen to your story and answer any questions you have throughout the entire process.

If you’re worried about how to pay for an attorney amid serious financial difficulties, please know that I offer a free consultation and offer fixed-fee arrangements.

The tools of bankruptcy

Bankruptcy has been my sole focus since I started practicing law in 1990, and depending on your situation, I can help you with:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy — Businesses and individuals can use Chapter 7 bankruptcy to sell nonexempt assets, fully discharge certain debts and get a fresh start. As soon as you file, creditors have to stop calling.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy — Through Chapter 13, you can reorganize and consolidate debts into one manageable payment. This is often called “wage earner’s bankruptcy” because it is a good tool for people who have income and the ability to repay.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy — Chapter 11 allows a business to restructure its debt, stay in business and make payments over time. It also allows for discharging certain debts, unlike Chapter 13. However, Chapter 11 is complicated and can be expensive, so if your business is a “DBA” or a sole proprietorship, Chapter 13 might be a better choice.

Note that student loans are not dischargeable; however, my firm can advise you about other options for student loan debt relief. Whatever your situation, I’ll explain your options and help you make the right choice so you can obtain the freedom from debt you need and deserve.

Arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced Louisiana bankruptcy lawyer

The De Leo Law Firm, LLC in Mandeville, Louisiana can help you using the tools of bankruptcy. To schedule a free consultation, call 985-685-1487 or contact me online.

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  • "I have never had such a wonderful thing happen as when I went to your office to help me. Your kindness and generosity will always be in my prayers." 

    - V.S​​
  • "Thank you very much for helping me with my foreclosure. You are a God send. God bless you and your family and staff at your Law Firm. Words cannot express my appreciation. You are our guardian angel." 

    - M.B.​​
  • "Thanks again for guiding us through a very tough period this past fall. We truly appreciated your patience and kindness throughout." 

    - A.H​​
  • "Thank you so much Robin for representing me in my bankruptcy. I really appreciate everything you did for me and my family." 

    - S.L​​
  • "We just wanted to express our gratitude for the way your entire staff handled this process for us. Jennifer & Adrienne were always helpful with our many questions and you all helped to make it as smooth and fast as possible. We can’t imagine going through it without your help." 

    - D.R.
  • "I would like to thank each of you! My life feels like a bowl of cherries, now that I can move forward."

    - J.S.​​
  • "Thank you for your hard work on our case. We really do appreciate the professionalism and courtesy ya’ll showed us during this time." 

    - D.F.​​

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