Northshore Bankruptcy Attorney Abita Springs LA

Most debtors do not have to attend court in their Northshore Bankruptcy case. However, there are a few circumstances that may occur and require that the debtor attend court in the Abita Springs area; such as in an adversary proceeding. In such cases, at times, your Northshore Bankruptcy counsel can take your place. You can count on The De Leo Law Firm to represent you both effectively and professionally during these Northshore Bankruptcy advisory proceedings.

In short, an adversary proceeding in Abita Springs is a lawsuit within the Northshore Bankruptcy case; for example, to determine the discharge-ability of a debt such as a student loan, or if landlord wants to retain possession of their property while trying to evict the tenant.

While you may not have to appear in court, in some cases you will have to attend a 341 Meeting of Creditors, which is an informal court-like Northshore Bankruptcy proceeding. During this meeting, there are no judges who preside but rather a Bankruptcy Trustee who will analyze you under oath regarding the honesty of your Northshore Bankruptcy petition.

Our extensive knowledge and tireless drive as your Northshore Bankruptcy attorney will help you gain control over these proceedings and receive the results you need. For a confidential consultation with one of our outstanding Abita Springs Northshore Bankruptcy advocates, please contact us at:

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Northshore Bankruptcy Success By Experience

The De Leo Law Firm represents individuals, small and large private businesses and public companies in the Abita Springs area who are in need of highly skilled advocacy in legal proceedings both in and out of the court room for a variety of services, including Northshore Bankruptcy cases. Focused on extraordinary personalized and efficient service, The De Leo Law Firm strives for a prompt conclusion to client matters consistent with realistic and honest counsel. Our Northshore Bankruptcy lawyers in Abita Springs have a proven track record of success and efficiency handling cases from beginning to end in a variety of practice areas in state and federal courts and before arbitration panels throughout the country.

When The De Leo Law Firm represents you as your Abita Springs Northshore Bankruptcy lawyer, you will immediately feel assured and confident that you have placed your sensitive situation into the right hands. Our Abita Springs staff will give you an immediate response to your questions and meet at your convenience. The De Leo Law Firm upholds professional and confidential representation by our team of Northshore Bankruptcy attorneys, with friendly customer service and consistent client updates by our legal staff. The goal at our firm is to achieve the best possible result with your Northshore Bankruptcy proceedings for you and your loved ones.

We will swiftly, and with confidence, begin to handle your Northshore Bankruptcy case. Most importantly, as your Abita Springs Northshore Bankruptcy attorney, you will have the support of our legal experts who will weigh your options and support you throughout the challenges ahead. We know a strong case or claim is founded in the details and understand the unique challenges of each Northshore Bankruptcy legal proceeding. The De Leo Law Firm will protect your rights and ensure you that our Abita Springs law firm will not stop until we have explored all the latest standards and possible legal strategies.

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