Foreclosure Law Attorney Ponchatoula LA

In the Ponchatoula area, foreclosure can be a swift and simple procedure by a lending company or even your condo association. Foreclosure Law is the legal process by which a lender or association can take legal ownership of a property. The De Leo Law Firm fights on behalf of our clients to prevent a lender from forcing a home owner from any all right to the property, evicting the homeowner or tenants from the premises. If this cannot be obtained, our Foreclosure Law attorneys will negotiate for the most beneficial resolution for your case.

In most proceedings, Foreclosure Law in Ponchatoula can begin as soon as a home owner is late with up to two or three mortgage payments. However, lenders will try to work out alternatives with a home owner in default before trying moving forward with Foreclosure Law litigation. The De Leo Law Firm can help our clients during pre-foreclosure to talk terms and even get the lender to defer an additional three month window before the process is initiated.

Sometimes an alternative cannot be worked out with the lender or just simply our client is just too far behind and so a Foreclosure Law attorney will have to proceed with heavy litigation to defend the rights of our clients. Worse yet, many Ponchatoula home owners might have fallen victim to predatory lending or unfair trading of their mortgages to other lenders. Most home owners have a trust deed and as a result the Foreclosure Law time line is easy and swift, because most cases do not have to go to court.

As a result, outdated state laws, such as fast-track foreclosures and excessive penalties, are intensifying the national foreclosure epidemic, so it is important to retain a knowledgeable Foreclosure Law attorney in the Ponchatoula area who understands local and national regulations.

Do you live in the Ponchatoula area and are behind on your mortgage payments, paying ridiculous interest rates, have a loan that is going to adjust soon, or a home decreased in value? The De Leo Law Firm understands that in these difficult financial times with a tight economy in the Ponchatoula area, a family may find itself facing Foreclosure Law because of a lost job, a divorce, health issues or because of an unaffordable recently adjusted mortgage rate.

In most cases, your Ponchatoula home is your most important investment. Our experienced Foreclosure Law attorneys in Ponchatoula can help you save your home for yourself and your family If you have received a notice of default or are on the verge of losing your home to Foreclosure Law and unfair lending. The De Leo Law Firm can find a solution to your loan problems and get you back on the path to financial stability. Our Foreclosure Law lawyers will serve as direct mediators with lenders in order to negotiate the balance you owe to the value of your home, reduce interest rates, defer proceedings, forgive due payments and extend the term of your loan with lower payments.

By receiving the proper counsel from a Ponchatoula Foreclosure Law lawyer, you can avoid falling victim to the common lending scam and misconceptions. The De Leo Law Firm will ensure that you feel confident that you are receiving educated and effective legal assistance to avoid Foreclosure Law or at the least resolve the situation in your best interests.

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